William, A Long Time Resident of Sunnyhills Apartments in Milpitas

“I lived in Sunnyhills Apartments for over 10 years. This community is so good, and the weather is so beautiful. But, something changed due to our president, Donald Trump, cutting the funding for the housing of our community. Because our community mainly consists of senior people and low-income people with children, they don’t want to give the money to the poor. We are taxpayers, too. They don’t think about our feelings.

Last year, the homeowner came here and told us that they are cutting our funding [and that] our residency will be terminated. The homeowner tried to demolish our home and [turn it] into multistory buildings so that they can make money. We [would] be homeless people if they are doing this type of project.

So we fought for our housing and went to [Milpitas] City Council and Santa Clara County to fight for our rights and dignity. Luckily, the Santa Clara County Supervisor [helped] us in every way to push the City Council to finally help us. We [have been] fighting for a very long time, standing up and fighting for our rights every time. We are getting a lot of support from other people, other organizations, even the church. So luckily, we won this battle and in February, they [City Council] said they agreed to pay the money for [our] housing. They put in money for five years so they can let us stay here. Beyond five years, we don’t know what the situation will be.”

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