Kiva, A Homeless Advocate

“Silicon Valley is my home and to be honest with you, I’m a little frustrated. Although I love it, I’m kind of disgusted with it. I lost the place I stayed at when my other half passed away about three years ago. Due to no fault of my own, the landlords came in and doubled the rent and I couldn’t stay there so I got evicted.

[Now,] I stay in my car. I didn’t have the luxury of a car up until about 7 months ago. I went to work, and I saved to have a roof over my head. I have myself, my brother, and my sister, and my son is in jail right now. Jail is the last thing he needed but nevertheless, I have my son and my sister who are in jail because of mental health reasons.

A lot of people have committed crimes, even I have, out of need. I got into trouble years ago. I panicked because I knew I was going to become homeless. I went out to the store, and I tried to steal a sleeping bag and a tent. And that’s the truth. I’m a good person and I hurt just like everybody else.”

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