Casey, A Renter from San Jose

“I live in a house, which is not covered with the new renters rights protections. I’m renting from a private person so they can do whatever they want. They’re not bad people, the house is a nice house. But, every time the lease comes up, they raise it quite a bit. I realize legally that they can [do that] and they’ve been pretty fair but at this point, my rent is higher than my income.

I live with my boyfriend, and he covers everything else plus the $100 that covers the rent over my income. We try to keep expenses low but it’s really hard because we have numerous children. We try to bargain shop for groceries. Sometimes we eat unhealthy stuff because we can’t afford more healthy stuff. I’ve had my car re-towed twice last year because I couldn’t make the payments but luckily my mom was able to help out. It’s just always a struggle. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a house at this point.”

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