Daisy, a San Jose native

“My name is Daisy, and I was born in San Jose. This is my second season homeless. I had my apartment for over seven years and then the rent just got so crazy I had to give it up. It was a hundred percent of my income, and then I only had extra money from side jobs.

So that was 2015, after seven and half years I moved and then I rented at six different places trying to find a place for around 500 bucks. I was making under 10 dollars an hour working with special needs kids, and I moved six times in 18 months, and then the seventh move was supposed to happen on January 3rd, and the lady called me up and said, “I’m gonna do Airbnb instead of renting a room cheap to you,” so all of a sudden I was stuck because I only had two days to figure out where to go. So I went to a hotel for eight days and ran out of hotel money, and then thought, “Well tonight I’m gonna sleep in my car,” and that night my car died, and I got towed to a parking lot and I’ve never had a place to live since. I came to the shelter and had everything I owned robbed from me. Even in my sleep, in zipped up pockets. The shelter was a nightmare. 

I work part-time still, I only have to work three days a week, but I’m nowhere close to getting a studio. Just to rent anything would be nice, but there’s no cheap rent anymore. I always rented because I grew up renting. I never really lived in a house. My mom was an addict, so I always knew what I didn’t want to be but I never really thought about what I wanted to do. Working with kids is great, but it just doesn’t pay enough. Having a heart for nature and things that I think are more important does not seem to sit well in this valley.  My family has been here for generations, and came here from over a hundred years ago. I just never meant to get priced out.”

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