My parents bought a really small 2 bedroom apartment in the early 2000s on the border of Almaden in a Section 8 neighborhood, which is a really interesting, diverse neighborhood you end up growing up in. We owned our apartment but we didn’t own anything around that, so things became very complicated with what we... Continue Reading →

"When I first came down here it was really nice, we shared we helped each other, there wasn’t a lot of drama. It was nice, it was cool it was like camping. The longer you stay the harder it is to get out of here. You become comfortably numb. It’s not easier to live down... Continue Reading →

"My name is [Anonymous] and I live in Curtner Studios. At the beginning it was a good one, because I finally had a roof over my head, but now that I’ve been there for about two and a half years I am not happy with it at all whatsoever. Yesterday they found a body in a... Continue Reading →

"In my experience, it was a slow decline and we knew this was coming, so we prepared better than most and we were able to get into RVs. But for a lot of people, it's not like that. Things happened and they were just pretty much expelled from their dwellings, and they were just not... Continue Reading →

"I’ve lived in Palo Alto as a renter for about 30 years. I moved out here from the East Coast with a one year old child who’s now approaching 31. My then husband was going to Stanford into a residency program so we lived on campus for one year. Then, we lived off campus for... Continue Reading →

I live in a house, which is not covered with the new renters rights protections. I’m renting from a private person so they can do whatever they want. They’re not bad people, the house is a nice house. But, every time the lease comes up, they raise it quite a bit. I realize legally that... Continue Reading →

"Once caregivers come here, they don’t have a place to live so they’re forced to stay in the care home. Actually, they have the choice whether to live in or stay out of the house but they would [rather] just be live-in caregivers to have free board and lodging. It’s also a big help because... Continue Reading →

“Just Like In The Motherland”: Renting in Milpitas as a Vietnamese Immigrant Family

Renters of Silicon Valley sat down with Hope Nguyen, a member and organizer with VietUnity South Bay. Hope shares her family’s experience with housing in Milpitas as well as the misconceptions around renting as an immigrant family. "My experience with renting started when I was born. My parents immigrated here and started renting from the... Continue Reading →

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