"Since there are so many new apartment villages being made, the price of rent for the older apartment complexes should be drastically lowered and made more affordable for people. If you are living in a nice place and being paid well, stay where you are. Living out here is rough, especially money-wise. Most entry level... Continue Reading →

"Fund more education to these areas so that people who have been living there for years can have an opportunity to enjoy some of the wealth coming in. I’m blessed that my parents have been able to help me out while being out here for school." Kevin, a renter and a senior at San Jose... Continue Reading →

"Luckily for me I have family, I’m from here so I have family I can move in with right after school. I still see how hard things are out there by living vicariously through my girlfriend. She works full time and still needs extra assistance every once in a while because the cost of living... Continue Reading →

"I work at least 35 hours a week and am a full-time student as well. It’s really difficult, as I have increased my hours my grades have slipped a bit. I usually could work a lot but now I find myself needing to take off to catch up on school work." Jasmin, a renter and... Continue Reading →

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